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    You might be able to track down this ad.  First, there's a shot of a cityscape where everyone is in chairs.  It then focuses on a singular walking person.  As the person goes about, they try to talk to chair users, but they overlook him (he is tall) and keep zipping on by.  The he goes to a crosswalk -- and the "Walk" symbol has been replaced by a wheelchair.  He then goes to use a payphone -- and has to crouch down, because they are all at wheelchair-height.

    The last scene is of a sighted person in a library.  He pulls books off the shelves to browse -- but they are all in Braille, and he cannot read them.  At the end there is something said in French, to the tune of "imagine a world where things are reversed" (I don't speak French, this was translated for me).

    As for learning to direct anger more productively, it is something that saved my life.  I had two choices: either keep being rage-filled and depressed to the point where I began to consider suicide, or moving forward and transforming rage into action.

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