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    Republicans were elected in 2010, in large part, by promising to focus on nothing but jobs, jobs, jobs.
    Republicans were elected in 2010 as purely and solely the result of the Great White Backlash against Pres Obama. This is why only White Democrats lost seats from coat-to-coast, border-to-border, from local-to-state-to-federal level. Not one Black Democrat lost their seat in the Great White Backlash, while true progressives such as Feingold and Grayson were kicked to the curb by, and only by, White People. Feingold received 85% of Black-Wisonsonites votes, but in a state that's over 90% White, 85% was insufficient to offset the backlash.

    The argument that

    Republicans were elected in 2010, in large part, by promising to focus on nothing but jobs, jobs, jobs.
    is nothing more than typical White-American rationalization for their insidious, demented racism - a historical reality that only White-Americans are unable to comprehend. Sorta like fish being unable to comprehend that they are in water.

    It's funny (not ha-ha funny, but pa-fukin-thetic funny) how only White-Americans fall for RepubliKlan BS. For instance in todays PPP poll on Obama vs. the Repubs, every one of the four remaining repub pres candidates beats Obama with White-People. But thanks to the fact that Whites are no longer 80%+ of the electorate, Obama holds slight edges over these 4 cretins.

    Hell, even progressives think that repubs are better at "messaging" than Democrats, even though it's only White-peeps who fall for this "messaging". To me, this is proof that repub msging SUCKS, actually - but I realize that I'm just in the minority here.

    So believe whatever you will as to why teh TeaBigots were able to sweep White Democrats out of office in 2010, but the simple reality is that 62% of White-Men and 58% of White-Women voted for these pathological degenerates. All else is just boilerplate...

    I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Republican Party.

    by OnlyWords on Tue Feb 14, 2012 at 07:41:34 PM PST

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