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View Diary: Dear Rick Santorum, regulate my genitals and then blow it out your frothy @$$ (94 comments)

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  •  DON'T TOUCH MY JUNK! (4+ / 0-)

    Whether you are a zealot (religious, conservative or evangelical), or a politician in search of a controversial talking point to help you win your next election, I'm simply advising you:


    Or this of my girlfriend...or for that matter ANYONE's but yours (i-e if you can find any).

    If you have moral issue with yours, I don't with mine. It's private property. We all know how conservatives LOVE to talk about "the right to protect their property", even if they're merely talking about "materialistic" stuff.

    Well, this body is mine, my girlfriend's is hers, and we have the unalienable to do as we please with it, and you have neither the right to tell us what to do with it, nor restrict us, through legislation or others.

    And your morale is only binding to YOURSELF.

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