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View Diary: The state of Virginia about to rape women, legally (63 comments)

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  •  this totally reminds me of (8+ / 0-)

    authoritarian countries you read about (currently and in history) where pseudo-"medical exams" and "virginity tests" etc are used punitively by police or prison authorities against women. I don't think i'm exaggerating.

    There are just so many ways i don't see how this can logically/legally stand.
    Can the state tell a doctor to do an invasive (or any) medical procedure that there is no medical reason for?
    Will this make hormonal birth control illegal?
    Will women who take the pill for non-birth control reasons (and their dr's) have to file affadvits with some state authority stating that they aren't using it for birth control? Or even this would be illegal, because even though birth control isn't the primary reason for taking the pill, an inadvertent non-implantation might occur, so the pill, for any reason, would have to be outlawed.
    Will this then give rise to a whole area of subterfuge where woman (and cooperating dr's) will have to claim they need the pill for non-birth control reasons?
    Where do dr's stand on all of this? Why is the AMA is against the "instrusiveness" of the ACA, but not screaming about this?

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