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View Diary: Announcing Operation Hilarity: Let's keep the GOP clown show going! (641 comments)

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  •  also... (7+ / 0-)

    I'm not convinced that Romney would be a stronger general election candidate than Santorum.  Romney has proved himself to be utterly unlikable and would have a very unenthusiastic base.  Santorum would at least unite the GOP base.

    You have the power to change America. Yes We Can. Yes We Did. Yes We Will.

    by CA Pol Junkie on Wed Feb 15, 2012 at 01:00:42 PM PST

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    •  And there is always Diebold (7+ / 0-)

      and all those other GOP shenanigans to worry about, like their war on voters.

    •  I think the GOP base is already energized to vote (0+ / 0-)

      against the Kenyan Muslim Socialist Marxist.  

      It doesn't matter to them if the GOP candidate is from the corporate wing or fundagelical wing, the far-right evangelicals who are told at their local megachurch that Obama isn't really a Christian, that he hates Israel, that he secretly practices Islam, those folks are voting GOP no matter who is on the ticket.  

      What Santorum does is scare off moderate voters.  

      A lot of less-informed people might consider voting for Romney--an ex-governor and CEO (which his campain will tout as "executive/business/leadership" cred), a guy who was the governor of Massachusetts as a Republican (Republican in a liberal state, so he can play the "I learned how to work together/bipartisan" theme in a general election), and has strong fundraising support.

      Santorum has NOTHING to that will attract moderate voters.  The man is a reptile.  The more they get to know him, the less they'll like him.  

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