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  •  There are lots of chemicals that are problematic (7+ / 0-)

    There is a class of chemicals that are called hormone disruptors.  BPA is among them.  Many pesticides are also hormone disruptors.  These chemicals can cause all sorts of problems that are described here.  

    BPA is most known in plastics, but it is also in scented lotions and nail polish, just the things young girls want to use.

    DDT is a hormone disruptor.  It doesn't kill bugs by poison, it prevents them from reproducing. It didn't kill birds by poison.  It thinned the egg shells so that when the mother birds sat on them they broke.

    Hormone disruptors don't just impact females either.  males are also impacted with lower sperm counts, shrunken testes, and other problems.

    These impacts are just seen in one generation, but can carry over for multiple generations.    

    After the Republicans burn down the world, they will prove the Democrats did it.

    by jimraff on Thu Feb 16, 2012 at 05:05:58 AM PST

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