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View Diary: Scott Brown doubling down on support for anti-birth control, health care amendment (24 comments)

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    And Brown flopped around on the issue when it came up here, as I recall: voted for various amendments that would have exempted Catholic-run institutions from the mandate, and for an exemption to allow Catholic hospitals not to offer emergency contraception to rape victims (!), but then voted in favor of the legislation when the amendments failed.  So it isn't as if he isn't aware of the issue, and of the Church's ability to live with being told it has to offer reasonable insurance coverage to its employees.

    This is still an astonishing position for him to take in political terms, though.  Not only does he know that there was no crushing of religious freedom in Massachusetts, he has reason to know the issue is a huge political loser in Massachusetts.  

    All I can think, snark aside, is that he's fallen victim to the inside-the-Beltway cognitive bubble.  He's surrounded by people who think this is a political winner, and even though there's a level on which he knows better, the herd instinct has taken over.  He knows it, or has cause to, but he can't believe it.  

    Not that I'm complaining.  After all, that which is good for Warren is good for us.

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