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  •  everything in life is "propaganda" - it is whether (1+ / 0-)
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    that propaganda stands for good or for bad that counts.

    the same way some folks react to the word "manipulation" as negative, it isn't.  it is the movement of ideas and ideology to a common area of agreement.

    if/when horace realizes that the truth will stand on its own merit (without the "colorization" of fact by loud groups who speak in unison as if that makes a non-fact true by virtue of majority rule), then the movement will stagnate.

    i WANT to see this debate over income inequality continued - the injustices brought about in our modern society by republicans (YES, it IS political - just look at the virginia mandatory rape law - republicans).

    until the masses understand that THEIR vote matters - that only a handful of people determine the outcome of elections when the turnout is only 33 or 35 %, then there will never be real change.

    other nations have turnouts in the high numbers - those nations understand the importance of a "true" majority voice - not that of the special interests.

    the special interests took over this nation when the people stayed home - or voted for candidates that "sounded cool" but never had a chance in hell of winning an election.

    my take is that this all started to fall apart when civics was no longer taught in schools.  when people no longer understood that our government was OF the people and BY the people - and they stopped voting, then it became the government OF the special interests FOR the special interests.

    the only way to change that is in the voting booth.


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    by edrie on Fri Feb 17, 2012 at 08:45:58 PM PST

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