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View Diary: Oops! Mitt Romney's new Michigan ad uses picture of him in New York to prove he grew up in Detroit (125 comments)

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  •  That should be a major deal breaker right there! (6+ / 0-)
    Oh, and one other thing. The Chrysler that Romney is driving around town in his ad? It was made in Canada. .
    Speaking of Canada, I'm not always the biggest Obama fan (OK, usually I am, just "not always") but he really screwed over the Canadians on this so give him some major kudos for that!
    President Barack Obama’s slashing of Pentagon spending – the so-called peace dividend from ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq – could jack up Canada’s cost for 65 stealthy, deep-strike F-35 warplanes.

    By drastically slowing production of the trouble-plagued F-35 – already years late and more-expensive than expected – Mr. Obama’s newly-unveiled Pentagon budget should save American taxpayers more than $15-billion over the next five years.

     It will also push back hundreds of planned F-35 deliveries, while myriad problems bedeviling the multi-role warplane are sorted out.

    For Canada, those delays create a nightmare. Canada’s existing and aging CF-18s, already at the end of their useful lives, need to be replaced very soon.

    he hehehhehe heheh ehhe he!!
    •  Re: the F-35, Canada is probably better off (0+ / 0-)

      ...without. The F-35 will probably end up being a hanger queen, like the even-more-outrageously-expensive F-22. The major culprit is  all the fancy surface materials and coatings required to achieve a low radar cross section (i.e., "stealth).

      The F-22 has been operational for some time now, and has yet to fly a single combat mission AFAIK. Too expensive and too fragile. The F-35 will be a little better on both counts, but not a lot.

      The Australian Air Force is buying F/A-18E/F; Canada would be wise to do likewise (if they want to buy American).


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