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View Diary: GM reports record profit. That's a problem for Mitt Romney. (116 comments)

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  •  Mitt, how could you have been so wrong? (3+ / 0-)

    I mean, you were absolutely, completely, utterly wrong about one of the most important single economic decisions to come down the pike in years.
    And you're supposed to be the business guy.
    It's the whole rationale for your campaign.  You may not be very likeable, and you may not be much like any of us, but at least you know business ... right?  Smart businessman -- knows how to turn a profit?  How you piled up your huge personal wealth?  Master of the universe, and all that?
    A turnaround artist?  Skilled at taking losing companies and turning them into moneymaking enterprises?

    And you totally blew this one?
    On G.M.?  Not just any company, but an iconic American company?
    And not just any sector, but manufacturing?  A key American economic sector?
    And not just one company, but the lynchpin of an entire critical nationwide industry?  The auto industry?  Heavy, sophisticated, complex manufacturing?  Your own dad's business?

    Mitt, you blew THAT call?
    You flunked this huge econ test -- an F?
    Hell, maybe you're not really very smart at business at all.
    Maybe there really is no reason whatsoever to vote for you.


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