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  •  We are entitled to our own opinions on (3+ / 0-)
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    issues depending upon where we live and the political and economic circumstances that drive the environments in which we live.

    I live in Texas where Republicans are trying to redistrict Democrats out of their elective districts, where voters rights are being systematically undermined and where gays, minorities and women are bashed by right wing haters 24/7.

    Don't preach to me, thank you.

    •  I live in UT which purchased Tom Delay's (0+ / 0-)

      redistricting software and almost single-handedly defeated CA's Prop 8.

      I'm well aware of red state living. Nothing can shock me.

      As for preaching, I thought that's what your first several paragraphs did.

      And, with all due respect, as important as the disputes and concerns you mention just now are to me and us all, they won't matter when the planet dies a few short ecades from now.

      There's a rhetorical question that has become a bit of a chestnut in discussion of climate change:

      "What will you tell your grandchildren when they ask you what you did to stop climate change?"

      I've repeated and pondered that many times myself. Then I read Derrek Jensen and realized that will be too busy struggling for survival to care what I did or didn't do.

      At an early Occupy in Oct. at Freedom Plaza, Derrick also noted:

      "Asking for a bigger piece of the pie on a dying planet is a wee bit insufficient."

      And isn't that what the 99% is focused on? I've come around since then. As important as the Class War is, we've got some re-calibrating of priorities to do.

      For as long as we've failed and as little time we've left ourselves this Herculean task, clearly, we are all long overdue some preaching.

      This, too, shall pass. Just like the last global ecological cataclysm. C'est la vie, dude. Take a chill pill, recite the serenity prayer, go with the flow and the moderates into that "goodnight".

      by Words In Action on Thu Feb 16, 2012 at 09:57:32 PM PST

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