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View Diary: 17 Year Old Girl's Response to the Republican Response (Updated) (199 comments)

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  •  All true, but... (7+ / 0-)
    You are referring to the decade of the largest government-sponsored manufacturing output in the post-industrial age that was us arming up for entry into and supplying us through WWII.  A) This is not a congruent comparison to today's economy and b) Never try to use war as an argument AGAINST Republicans.
    What the US government did in the 40's to prepare for and fight WW2 is EXACTLY what it (we) needs to do to combat climate change and resource depletion and bring the country (and the world) into the realities of our time.

    We need massive government investment and determination to change just about everything that we do in this country.

    Manufacturing plants need to start cranking out wind turbines and photovoltaic modules, in the same way that auto companies switched to building tanks, planes and ships in the 40's.

    Agriculture needs to change over to fully sustainable organic methods, with programs similar to the government promotion of hemp production in the 40's. "Victory Gardens" need to sprout all over the land, supported by urban and suburban land grants and creation of distribution hubs for Farmer's Markets.

    The transportation structure of the country needs to be completely redone, with high-speed rail and massive rebuilding of public transportation.

    All of this will bring about near full employment, just like it did for the war effort in the 40's.

    We need to change the Military/Industrial Complex into the Renewable Energy/Industrial/Agricultural Complex.

    In my opinion, the diarist's analysis stands. She just didn't go so far as to offer comparative solutions as that was not the basis of her post.

    And yes, we do need to use the "war" analogy with the Republicans. Climate change and resource depletion are every bit as much a national security issue as fighting facism in the 40's. And we will need to fight this "war" with every fiber our country can muster.

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