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View Diary: Women of color in women's history: Part three—African-Americans (122 comments)

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  •  Powerful diary, Sis Denise. (5+ / 0-)

    Thank you.

    Came across this quote from Adrienne Rich:

    Across the curve of the earth, there are women getting up before dawn, in the blackness before the point of light, in the twilight before sunrise; there are women rising earlier than men and children to break the ice, to start the stove, to put up the pap, the coffee, the rice, to iron the pants, to braid the hair, to pull the day's water up from the well, to boil water for tea, to wash the children for school, to pull the vegetables and start the walk to market, to run to catch the bus for the work that is paid. I don't know when most women sleep!
    This was true of women yesterday and it is still true of women today.

    The women who have had the most impact on my life are Leanora and Marie.
    Leanora, my maternal grandmother, the personification of kindness and love and beauty. I strive to be like her everyday. She was poor. She loved me.
    Marie, my paternal great-grandaunt, the matriarch of my father's maternal side of the family. Powerful, accomplished, wealthy,  the unchallenged head of her family. She had no children of her own. She had many children. She named me and she loved me.

    Thanks again, Sis Denise, for giving me the chance to talk about these two beautiful women.

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