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View Diary: Why the Liberal media doesn't hold "it's own" accountable? (49 comments)

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  •  I also was critical of Clinton! (0+ / 0-)

       Clinton not only did NAFTA but repealed the Stegel Glass act!
    By repealing this act,he helped create the near financial collapse in 2008!
        I think that Elizabeth Warren would be great! One way I check to see how fairly someone is treating the president...I put in their name/Obama.Now don't get mad! Bernie Sanders is very critical! If anyone should know the facts it would be him! If someone knows how the political games are played it is him!  Makes me wonder!
        I use to like Cenk and listened to him for years on Air America! I was thrilled to know he was coming to Current TV! Then I read a couple of articles. The first one was posted on Daily Kos! The article talked about how critical Cenk was of Obama and didn't give all the facts. I started researching this and realized that this was true! As a result of listening to him I was feeling that Obama was just the best of two evils!
        When I started doing research on my own,I began to see the whole picture. It took us close to 40 years to get into this predicament, so it's going to take quit awhile to fix it.
        There has never been a politician who has kept all of his campaign promises and I doubt that there will ever be one. If someone did keep  his promises...there would be some who wouldn't be happy with this either! We never get everything we want in any area of our life!
        Thanks for writing back I enjoy your views! Jean

    All that is necessary to have evil triumph is to have good men do nothing! pipercity

    by pipercity on Mon Feb 20, 2012 at 06:17:29 PM PST

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