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  •  The two boys (10+ / 0-)

    Malfoy-the-cat, my eleven year flamepoint male.  He's big, beautiful, double pawed, crossed eyed, and excruciatingly stupid.  His habits include kneading my bathrobe for fifteen or twenty minutes at a time (yes, I kept track), sleeping on his back and snoring, staring fixedly into space for no discernible reason, and eating oak leaves out on the deck.  He's too dumb to realize that all he has to do to get into the back yard is jump over the railing.

    Gil, my gorgeous young longhair.  Originally I was going to call him Gil-Galad after one of Tolkien's elves, but after he managed to escape the house by slithering right past my roommate and her groceries, began crawling on top of Malfoy and forcibly grooming him, yanked down the curtains in my bedroom, and locked my roommate out on the deck (yes, really), all while being totally unrepentant...well, the Gil is now short for Seregil, the spy/cat burglar in the Nightrunner series.  His habits (besides the above) include occupying the hallway so Roomie and I can't get into the kitchen, chasing Diamond, and eating a great deal.  He also sprained his tale a couple of weeks ago.

    I'm sure President Santorum would prefer that they be named after which case I'd go for Sergius and Bacchus.  


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