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  •  The Hypocrisy of Catholic Radio (12+ / 0-)

    I was listening to Relevant Radio, which is a conservative catholic radio station, recently, to a show called "Go Ask Your Father" where people call in with questions to a Catholic priest.

    Someone called to ask what to say to a friend of his who was accusing the Catholic Church of having a double standard over being "pro-life" when it came to their silence on opposing the death penalty issue.

    Incredibly (though I guess not surprisingly) the self-styled "Reverend Know-It-All" (meant to be self-deprecating) claimed that the Bishops were strongly opposed to the death penalty, but because the press and the media weren't interested in covering the issue, you never get to hear about it.

    This coming from a Relevant Radio show -- from a radio station that's a 24/7 anti-abortion propaganda machine. You can rarely get past 10 minutes of listening to that station without some type of "pro-life" anti-abortion message, discussion, ad, or announcement cropping up. Yet only twice in years of listening have I ever heard them even mention the death penalty, and neither time was it to express strong opposition to it. I guess owning your own talk radio station that issues news bulletins on the hour every hour doesn't make you a media or press outlet.

    And, of course, the hysteria of the HHS mandate also puts the lie to the claim that it's the press's fault for not covering the death penalty issue. The bishops can certainly kicked up enough of a stink for the press to take notice when they really want to.

    Thus the only conclusion that can be made is that the Catholic bishops really have no interest in opposing the death penalty. Certainly the people who run Relevant Radio do not.

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