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  •  why do we let 76 universities feed the denial? (3+ / 0-)
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    Laurence Lewis, mightymouse, adrianrf

    the universities below broadcast sports on 170 limbaugh stations, and those stations are dedicated to global warming denial.

    they mock of their own mission statements by doing so. to broadcast sports on those stations is to  endorse them in their communities and states, increase the acceptability of the denial, racism, hate, sexism, and partisan misinformation coming from them every day, and attracts sponsors.

    talk radio leads the way in global warming denial. if a significant number of these unis began looking for alternatives it could seriously challenge the effectiveness of the global warming denial 'business' ass well as the effectiveness of talk radio in the next elections.

    the link in my sig goes to a list of links to their main pages.

    United States Air Force Academy
    University of Alabama
    Arizona State University
    University of Arkansas
    United States Army War College
    Auburn University
    Baylor University
    Boise State University
    Boston College
    Bowling Green State University
    Clemson University
    University of Colorado–Boulder
    University of Connecticut
    University of Dayton
    East Carolina University
    University of Florida
    Florida State University
    California State University–Fresno
    University of Georgia
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    University of Idaho
    University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
    Indiana University–Bloomington
    University of Iowa
    Iowa State University
    University of Kansas
    Kansas State University
    University of Kentucky
    University of Louisiana–Monroe
    University of Louisville
    Louisiana State University
    University of Maryland–College Park
    University of Memphis
    University of Michigan
    Michigan State University
    University of Minnesota–Duluth
    University of Mississippi
    Mississippi State University
    University of Missouri
    University of Nebraska–Omaha
    University of Nevada–Reno
    University of New Mexico
    New Mexico State University
    University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
    University of Notre Dame
    Ohio State University
    University of Oklahoma
    Oklahoma State University
    Oral Roberts University
    University of Oregon
    Oregon State University
    Pennsylvania State University
    University of Pittsburgh
    Purdue University
    Seton Hall University
    University of South Carolina
    University of South Florida
    University of Southern Mississippi
    Syracuse University
    Texas Christian University
    Temple University
    University of Tennessee
    University of Texas–Austin
    Texas A&M University
    Texas Tech University
    Troy University
    University of Central Florida
    University of California–Los Angeles
    Utah State University
    University of Virginia
    Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State
    University of Washington
    Washington State University
    Wichita State University
    University of Wisconsin–Madison
    Xavier University

    This is a list of 76 universities for Rush Limbaugh that endorse global warming denial, racism, sexism, and partisan lying by broadcasting sports on Limbaugh radio stations.

    by certainot on Sun Feb 19, 2012 at 03:06:39 PM PST

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