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  •  Welcome Senator--or should I say Governor (none)
    Any plans to find and fund opponents for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th districts?  By all rights we should have Dems in at least the first three.
    •  Bush won all those 4 districts (none)
      Unfortunately, it seems that the GOP incumbents there are safe. I think there is already a Democratic candidate with an exploratory committee in NJ-5. Garrett being so right wing means he won't win by large margins but I doubt he can be defeated. He may get a primary challenge from a more moderate Republican from Bergen County.
      •  NJDem----- (none)
        I thought I heard that Anne Wolfe was going to run again in the 5th, maybe I heard wrong?

        How much of a chance would a primary challenger from Bergen County have?  I think the problem with Garrett, is the same problem we have here in my district (NJ-7) with Mike Ferguson, in that most people, especially the moderate-type Republicans, don't realize how far to the right these two actually are.....

        Also, re: NJ-4, I realize the district is an overall Republican district, but, no offense to Ms. Vasquez, I think if we run a real serious campaign against Chris Smith, especially when he keeps saying things like this, we will, at the very least, create a few new Dems in that part of the state.....What do you think?

        "Christo-Fascist would-be tyrants get The Gas Face." "What do we think about [The] Hammer?"

        by Hardhat Democrat on Thu Apr 14, 2005 at 05:49:43 PM PDT

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        •  I think Anne Wolfe might run again as well (none)
          I also read that she was probably running again. The former communications director for McGreevey, Paul Aronsohn is who set up an exploratory committee.

          Joseph Sanzari, a Ho-Ho-Kus councilman, say he might challenge Garrett in the primary. He complained that Garrett didn't care about Bergen County enough. I don't see Garrett losing in the primary though. Back in in 2004, Assemblyman David Russo who lost in a 3 way primary to Garrett in 2002, considered another run but chose not to. He might have had a chance but I think that incumbency and the lack of a big name opponent makes Garrett pretty safe at least until the next round of redistricting.

          I also live in NJ-7 and while Ferguson is considerably more moderate than Garrett (Garrett makes DeLay look moderate though), Ferguson is more conservative than most recognize, I think. Still, in those areas there aren't many Democratic elected officials so challenging them is that much harder.

          Chris Smith's success in NJ-4 continues to astound me. His first victory was an upset, his second victory was an upset and the extent of his subsequent victories are suprising. On economic and labor issues, he is one of the most moderate Republicans in Congress. But, on cultural issues he is one of the most right wing. I definitely think that if all those voters knew all of his stands on the issues, his victories would be smaller.

          The weird thing about the NJ Republicans in Congress is that they tend to be pretty moderate, for Republicans, in terms of economic issues. Even Feguson has some ties to labor unions. However, on cultural issues, 5 out the 6 are pro-life and they tend to be conservative on other issues like gay marriage as well. Only Frelinghuysen is a moderate on those issues. This is so surprising because NJ is a wealthy state that one would think might be quite supportive of free trade and spending cuts but it is culturally liberal and one would think would elect mostly pro-choice moderates.

          •  reply (none)
            I might be thinking of somebody else, but isn't Aronsohn involved with one of the Phillipsburg-area newspapers?  His family, maybe?  

            Re: an R primary in the 5th, I also agree with Garrett being safe until 2012, at least in terms of a primary challenge, since, like you said, he's got the 'name recognition' now, and since he has a pretty strong conservative base out in north-western NJ.....

            If I wasn't going to be so busy working to free us of Mike Ferguson, I would certainly help out in the 4th or the 5th, I may still be able to send a few dollars to whoever runs out there next year, but I'd like to think we can at least do our part here in Jersey to add one more 'D' to the House.  

            I believe, and the CW seems to be, that Ferguson is the most vulnerable of all of our Republican Reps, although it will definitely be a challenge, since this district is Republican overall.  

            Garrett might be vulnerable with the right opponent, and if we can somehow figure out a way to foment a  Bergen County moderate-(money)-Republican revolt, or at least figure out some way to get them to stay home.

            Smith seems to be the only other Republican, besides these two, who could be considered vulnerable under the right circumstances.

            And, re: Frelinghuysen, I think he could have been dangerous in a Senatorial, or even Gubernatorial contest, and I've never heard anything about him considering higher office?  I believe his family has represented New Jersey in a number of various offices since the 1700s, if I'm not mistaken, he's descended from a line of Colonial Governors, Senators and a whole slew of other office-holders named 'Frelinghuysen' through the centuries in NJ.....

            "Christo-Fascist would-be tyrants get The Gas Face." "What do we think about [The] Hammer?"

            by Hardhat Democrat on Fri Apr 15, 2005 at 05:33:17 PM PDT

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        •  NJ-7 (none)
          Tie Ferguson with Tom DeLay. Ferguson is the biggest recipient of DeLay PAC funds in the House. And beat him up on Social Security plans, he will back whatever Bush proposes.
          •  We are..... (none)
            $42,403 to be precise, between the 1998 and 2004 cycles, making him the single largest recipient of funds from Mr. DeLay among all currently serving members of Congress.

            The "We", in my title, being the Blue 7th PAC, a project that is just getting off the ground here in our district, if you're so inclined, if you're in the area, please consider joining or contributing.  We just had our first meet-up in Watchung this past Tuesday (04.12.05), and there were about 15 or so people there.

            There are plenty of things which Mr. Ferguson would rather we not discuss with the voters in this district, but that is precisely what we intend to do.  Mr. Ferguson has been allowed to prance around as a moderate for far too long, and it is past time somebody (we) let the people know how far out of touch Mike is with his constituents.

            "Christo-Fascist would-be tyrants get The Gas Face." "What do we think about [The] Hammer?"

            by Hardhat Democrat on Fri Apr 15, 2005 at 04:52:32 PM PDT

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