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    Thank you so much for posting this wonderful entry.

    I feel that the party's drift to the center has harmed not only the party itself, but the nation as a whole (as it allowed for the more extreme rightward drift of the GOP).

    There seems to be disturbing talk lately in regards to what the Dems should "compromise" on in order to win elections.  Trying to do this, though, muddies our core values at the same time that it alienates and angers the groups that we're "selling out" in the name of political expediency.  This is a huge mistake.

    We have to be able, as a party, to articulate a clear underlying message even as we allow for personal differences between us on core issues (in other words, not by strongarming each other like the GOP quelches its dissent).

    •  Hear, hear! (4.00)
      I believe the party's "shift to the center" is the reason we've lost.  We seem to be afraid of our own convictions, and allows Republicans to shift debates rightward, since the middle position is somewhere between "centrist" and "batshit crazy conservative."

      What color are your pajamas?

      by Unstable Isotope on Thu Apr 14, 2005 at 04:58:36 PM PDT

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