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  •  Welcome from proud native of Rush Holt's district (4.00)
    Dear Senator Corzine: Thanks for posting here and all the best in your run for governor. Thank you for taking a firm stand as a progressive and against the destructive reactionary trends in the federal government.

    I hope as governor you and the legislature can do something about curbing suburban sprawl in NJ, helping stimulate smart growth, and not squandering the most obviously limited resource in the densest state: land. Governor Paris Glendenning of Maryland did much to curb further sprawl in Maryland and his efforts should be an example. Maybe not everyone knows this, but NJ is full of beautiful, historic, quaint, revolutionary-war era towns. The anti-environmental, anti-human-scale, and yes, right-wing, developers shouldn't be subsidized by the public by way of expensive infrastructure (including far-flung sewers, and geographically isolated schools) to help them make sprawling automobile-dependent nowheresvilles out of precious open space. NJ can grow gracefully and well, and create great, more walkable, multi-use developments for people, it just needs better tools, better growth management, better model zoning codes, better incentives and less subsidy for "dumb growth."

    Thank you for posting on DailyKos and for everything you do to fight the destruction of what we hold dear by the Rethugs in Congress and the White House.

    Reality - Humanity - Sustainability

    by Em on Thu Apr 14, 2005 at 09:22:45 AM PDT

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