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  •  Governance at the local level (none)
    Mr. Corzine, welcome i'm also new to posting on this site.  My question to you sir, is what are you as governor going to do about the corruption problems at the county/local levels?  I'm a resident of Monmouth county and can't begin to tell you in polite language how upsetting it was a few weeks back to have our county/local officials busted in a Federal Sting operation.
    Also as a parent I personally send my child to a private school although our school system being an Abbott system has many programs beneficial to the populace. I feel the school system is lacking in one major concern being security!  What are you going to do about that?  
    For my vote sir and that of my Dem Friends and Family what are you going to do for me?
    Good Luck to you.
    •  ending pay-to-play, for one (none)
      You could start here.
      •  relevant quotes from the piece (none)
        This is from the Op-Ed I referenced above:

        Instead of just paying lip service to the importance of eliminating waste, fraud and abuse, I offered an ethics plan that would do something about it. In February, I unveiled a concrete road map for ending the "corruption tax" -- the unjustified costs to New Jersey families when sweetheart deals are awarded to political supporters. My plan calls for the creation of an independently elected state comptroller to act as a watchdog over all levels of government, from the governor's office to the local Motor Vehicle Commission office. To defend the interests of taxpayers, this official would have the authority to review public contracts, audit state agencies for mismanagement and investigate government officials.

        My plan would shut the revolving door between state government and the special-interest lobbying once and for all. For years, former government employees traded on their insider access to win preferential treatment for private companies. Finally, my ethics proposal would prohibit state contractors from donating to political candidates. By eliminating pay-to-play at every level -- from the town council to the Legislature -- my plan will increase the confidence of taxpayers that contracts are being awarded based on cost and value and not political favoritism.

        •  Thanks for the reply (none)
          I suddenly feel like a kid in a candy store.  I ran around my office real quick getting a census from my co-worker about what they would like to tell the senator.  Mostly their complaints were about property taxes.

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