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    After the sixties people were allowed to be people.
    The realization that both sexes really want the same thing, and that there should be no shame or judgement on that issue.

    Truth is—this is what those who choose to be emotionally and morally stunted are railing about. The poor saps on the right have bought into the notion that nature (and therefore the Creator) is wrong. Your natural impulses (placed there by God) are bad and wrong and shameful.
    This tears them apart inside, conflict between nature (God) and what dogma (old religious power brokers) repeat endlessly—feelings are evil, pleasure is bad—why aren't you satisfied with self loathing like the rest of us? Now give us your money, no we don't have change for a twenty, just put it in the basket...

    This is a power struggle that the emotionally and morally stunted have already lost, much like the "Genie in the bottle" there is no going back.

    F*ck those idiots and the voters they rode in on.

    by roninkai on Sun Feb 19, 2012 at 10:08:10 AM PST

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