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  •  RE: Comeback Kid Scenario (3.75)
    I wrote about this yesterday in reponse to someone query about what would Trippi do if Dean comes in  third or last, which to be honest I didn't think was possible.  
    If Dean comes in first or SECOND in NH, he could be proclaimed the "Comeback Kid" and could get a boost going into the next week of primaries.  The problem of course is where those next primaries are - SC (Edwards and Clark country) and the Midwest, where we already seen Dean get trounced.  

    Dean's message, money/time, organization, Harkin endorsement means that he should have done much much better than 18% of the delegates in Iowa.  If Dean can't do well in Iowa, I really have to wonder where he can do well.  I have to think that Trippi will position Dean for a second place finish (hoping for a first but not publicly) and then just pray that the media gives Dean a break (he probably deserves one) and they decide to play the Comeback Kid angle.  Schaller alludes to this.  Kerry, Edwards and Clark now have a choice - do they jump from their horses and plunge collectively plunge sabers into the wounded Dean in NH or do they ride past and try to knock each other off their mounts, or more likely some combination of the above.

    I am a Dean critic, but I am surprisingly indifferent about his poor showing.  My guy, Gep, lost badly, yes, but I never gave him any chance of winning the nomination since a Hail-Mary from your own 1-yardline rarely results in a touchdown.  I think my indifference stems not being particularly excited about Kerry, Dean, Edwards or Clark and observing just how muddy and wide-open this race is now.  Tentenatively, Edwards will get my support, which doesn't amount to much I assure you :)  

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    by jg on Tue Jan 20, 2004 at 04:08:13 AM PST

    •  RE: Apologies (none)
      for the cliche football and war analogies ;)

      Zero is for comments that are offensive, script-generated, or otherwise content-free and intended solely to annoy and/or abuse other readers.

      by jg on Tue Jan 20, 2004 at 04:11:04 AM PST

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      •  You Must Be... (none)
        Apologies for the cliche football and war analogies ;)

        ... a George Carlin fan.  :)

        A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

        by JekyllnHyde on Tue Jan 20, 2004 at 04:30:10 AM PST

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      •  S'OK, as long as you keep them nice and unmixed! (none)
        (Like the cranberries and gravy in a turkey dinner)

        As a Clark supporter, I'm feeling a wave of excitement and radical uncertainty. I have no idea where we are really, except that we're doing well in fundraising and that lots of folks in NH show up to watch the General--but with those fickle early primary voters, that's no guarantee that they'll vote for him. I'm hoping that we learn the lessons from the Dean campaign, though.

        •  NH and Clark (none)
           Like you I support the General as well, but I'm worried that a revived Kerry and Edwards are real trouble for our guy. Kerry because he's from next door in Mass. and has extensive foreign policy experience and is a Vet. plus is a long time Senator. His weakness and it's the one we have to go for is he's another Dukakis from Mass. That BushCo will hammer him as a NE "Liberal." I believe that's exactly what they'll do. Plus, Kerry's wooden "Lincoln" style of Campaigning bothers me. I just cannot in good conscience see this guy beating Bush. Edwards on the other hand is just the opposite of Kerry. He's young looking has great personal qualities as a campaigner and being a southerner doesn't have the "NE liberal" stigma. His problem is he's a freshmen senator with little or no foreign policy experience. In short he lacks "gravitas." Of the 2 I'll take Edwards if I have to, but I'm not happy about his record as a trial lawyer. The guy got rich over 20 yrs. but never lifted a finger to help anyone but himself. NO PRO BONO work NONE !! OUCH!! That makes me wonder about his character. Nevertheless, he's probably the most electable of the field other then Clark. Dean is not to be written off after IOWA though and could be right back on top after NH if he can get his act together. I think what happened to Dean was the old saying "pride cometh before a Fall." Dr. Dean's kiddy crusade might turn out to be  as  call it in IT "vaporware." His vaunted Internet support being nothing more then a "virtual" circle jerk.

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