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  •  My post-caucus report (4.00)
    I returned from the caucus, I'm not saying who I voted for but that doesn't matter. I can firmly report that there was dealmaking by Kerry and Edwards to take out Dean. You can read the details here. Edwards' showing is not surprise, it's easy to be positive when nobody is taking shots at you because you're behind the pack. But he will wilt now that he's up with the frontrunners and under constant attack.

    I remind you that no one person wins the Iowa Caucus. Dean, Edwards, and Kerry all won delegates. Iowa isn't designed to annoint frontrunners, it's to weed out the losers like Gephardt. Now that he's gone, the electoral process can proceed without backbiting losers who will take the whole party down with them.

    •  There's still Joe (none)
      Now that he's gone, the electoral process can proceed without backbiting losers who will take the whole party down with them.

      There's still Joe Lieberman.

      I would not put Gephardt in the same class with Lieberman, though.  I do not view Gephardt as a backbiting loser.  He made some bad choices and got a lot of bad advice.  I hope he elects to say in the House.  Underneath it all, he's still a good guy.

      Save America - Vote Democrat!

      by Len on Tue Jan 20, 2004 at 04:38:28 AM PST

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    •  Thank for that (none)
      There is a story here that we don't know yet.  I heard on the news that there was a huge turnout of people requesting change of party.  

      The Republicans have a strong interest in seeing to it that the Democrats nominate a pro War candidate, thereby guaranteeing a strong Third Party AntiWar vote that comes straight out of the Democrats.  Then the Republicans will fund the Anti War Party.  

      •  Republicans reregistering (none)
        Yes, I can confirm Republicans reregistering as Democrats. I had to stand in line to reregister (from Independent) and saw plenty of people switching. I can't estimate proportions because it was a really long line and I couldn't see everything, just what happened when I got close to the desk.
        •  Everybody Hates Bush (none)
          No one is going to a third party.  Mark my words.  Perhaps if Lieberman were nominated, but that ain't going to happen.  70% of those at the Iowa Caucus were AGAINST the war, and 70% of them voted for Kerry/Edwards.  This is all about beating Bush, and I garantee you that if Edwards or Kerry is the nominee, you're going to see every frothing anti-war Dem (myself included) put their bumper sticker on our car and go out stumping for them.  Because even if they were chickensh*t and voted for the war, they wouldn't make the same kind of reckless mistake as commander-in-cheif, and the anti-war folks are going to be able to live with that.  It's all about Bush leaving.
        •  Yup (none)
          Who thinks the Republicans were just sitting on their hands through this campaign?  Of course, they were organizing.
      •  ain't no way (none)
        no way there's going to be a third-party split from the Dems.  Bush is too divisive.  
      •  GOP not behind this (none)
        Why not just support Dean, if you're a Republican?  To most Republicans Dean is mincemeat for Bush so if you're entering the process to sabotage it, why the convuluted strategy about third-parties?
        •  Third Party/AntiWar Party (none)
          Because there will be an anti war choice on the ballot this November and anyone who thinks there aren't at least as many people who feel passionately about the war as there were who voted Green in 2000 is deluding themselves.  

          Moreover, there are 2 strong incentives:

          1.  Republicans will fund the Greens or other Anti War Party to split that vote off from the Democrats.  It comes straight out of the Democratic nominee's hide and probably hurts the Dems down ballot.  The AntiWar candidate will be well funded and maybe a movie star a la Schwarzenegger.  Its a chance to make history.
          2.  Its the golden chance of the century for the Greens to get the magic 5% that will give them millions of dollars of federal funding in 2008.  Why would they pass it up?  Remember, they don't have any allegiance to the Democratic Party.  
          •  I should say (none)
            Hopefully, the Democratic candidate will be the AntiWar Candidate.  Dean and Clark are the only hope or 4 more years of Bushisms.  

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