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  •  Absolutely (none)
    Time now for a healthy dose of self criticism.  We were outmaneuvered and outhustled.

    I'm seeing some similar dynamics in my own backyard and I've got 20 days to fix them.  I see Kerry building up an organization that operates with stealth.  We'll only know what hit us when the numbers come in.

    Sobering night.

    •  Where are you? (4.00)
      WA, MI, or ME?

      I know this has sobered me up. I must admit I've been a bit complacent. I haven't worked my precincts real hard yet and I've been focusing on non-campaign related things in my life and putting my campaign efforts into areas other than working my precinct.

      I've got to make sure I'm prepared to address all of the points Tom Schaller makes about the weaknesses in Dean's organization for at least the precincts I'm responsible for. I've got my work cut out for me because I've largely wasted the last 5 weeks.

      One thing I'm worried about is being sandbagged by the Kerry people. I suspect that much of the strength Kerry and Edwards showed in Iowa was via experienced caucus attendees, party PCOs, low and midlevel party insiders, and the sort of people who attend monthly county and legislative district party meetings.

      The good news is people who know the state party machinery well in Washington State all have endorsed Dean as have some legislative district organizations. The bad news is I've only been able to contact one of the PCOs in the 4 precincts I'm responsible for and while she definately will be at the caucus she's only leaning toward Dean. I'm worried the Kerry, Edwards, Clark, or Kucinich campaigns may have gotten to them already.

      One problem the Dean campaign has already run into in some counties are county level party officials who support Kerry and make no effort to hide their contempt for the Dean supporters. They are pulling stunts like refusing to release the caucus locations in their county until the day before the caucus to anyone other than PCOs (who are mostly Kerry or Edwards supporters).

      Fortunately the urban counties around Seattle and other liberal enclaves in the state should be able to put Dean in first here, but I'm worried Kerry will be able to keep it close.

      All in all a sobering night.

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