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  •  Dean's on his deathbed (none)
    First off let me say that i support Dean.

    But folks facts don't lie - we got our butts handed to us tonight - and instead of playing the humble comeback kid - we acted like this didn't matter.

    This did matter, for all of the Iowans who voted, this mattered - these folks that get more attention than most Americans when it comes to who their President should be-rejected Dean.

    That's my first point - second point -- the test starting tomorrow is whether or not (we) dean can still raise a dollar.  Edwards will wake up tomorrow with thousands more as will Kerry - if we see a drop off in fundraising with Dean, or if we don't even see any fundraising goals for us - that should be a sign we are really hurt.  

    That said, Dean needs to get back to the simple basics - be the "happy, positive, we can do better together guy".  I wanna see judy EVERYWHERE NOW!  I want to see his kids campaigning in high schools for their daddy - i wanna see Dean's whole freakin family out there to soften him up.  Nieces, nephews, cousins, grandparents - some of Dean's old patients, some of Judy's patients -- i want America to know the "real" dean - not this angry guy that can turn red on a moments notice.

    Look Dean's message is the right message -- its the delivery people are having trouble with -- part of that delivery is having Judy next to him - part of that delivery is seeing his kids knock on doors in NH for him - part of that delivery is Dean's life - not just Dean.

    oh and Kerry cameback so strong because of his latest tv ad - directed by GMMB - one of the best media companies in America.


    "if you know your enemy and you know yourself - you need not fear the result of 1000 battles - Sun Tzu

    by miketru on Tue Jan 20, 2004 at 06:56:00 AM PST

    •  Angry red guy (none)
      Yeah, that was awful. Ugh.

      Then I watched the Kerry speech and saw Ted Kennedy (?) do the same strident red-faced thing. Doesn't look pretty from either side.

      Howard Dean in 2004.

      by glyphic on Tue Jan 20, 2004 at 09:39:50 AM PST

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