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  •  Excerpt from my post-mortem (4.00)
    • I would like the Dean Campaign to learn from this, and adjust and broaden their message accordingly. The danger is in choosing to just try and whip the same population to ever-greater heights of devotion. We need many votes now, not just committed troops.

    • And, a note to Howard D. and Joe T.:

          Last night I was hoping for rather more of the Determined, Plain-Speaking Statesman (a la the Announcement and Common Sense speeches) and rather less of the Pumped-Up Wrestling Coach. In fact, if the Coach never shows up again, you've got a better chance. I'm a committed supporter of yours and I was taken aback.

          Remember when you were running as though you weren't expecting to win? That worked better.

          At some point, I think you need to start running as a Whole-Party, Democratic-Unity guy and not an anti-Those-Democrats-Over-There guy. If you want a majority to get behind you, that is.

      But of course, I've never run a campaign, so I'm just speculating.

    On to New Hampshire...

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