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  •  No real surprise (none)
    Anger sometimes is the root of activism.  Anger and/or activism can often translate to $$$$$ but Anger, activism and/or $$$$$ does not always translate to votes.

    Dean proved this in Iowa.  

    Whether you are a far right Republican or an ultra left Greenie unless you are LIKEABLE you WILL NOT WIN!  

    Do me a favor.  Watch the replay of Dean's speech, hissy fit, motivational movement, whatever you want to call it.  But watch it with the sound OFF.  This is what AMERICA has been seeing in Dean and to a certain extent our party for the past 2 years.  It might explain the mid-term elections.  

    If we have an ounce of chance of victory in November we have to elect a LIKEABLE MAN first and foremost.  Above policy, above ideology, above anything else we need to NOMINATE a LIKEABLE man.  

    Please Please Please let Howard Dean finish 3rd or 4th in NH and no showing in SC and maybe he will turn over his campaign war chest to the DNC.  

    My preference would be with Edwards but Kerry would do as well as Lieberman.  Lets insist that our candidate be likeable.

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