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View Diary: Conservatives Go Both Ways on Rising Health Care Costs (32 comments)

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  •  Actually, our economy is dying because of it. (2+ / 0-)
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      Our system is a model for no other country in the world. That's how bad it sucks. There is nothing about it that is in our best interest as a nation.
       The increasing premium and out of pocket costs we devote to accessing medical care, while wages have been largely flat for decades, have shifted money that would have been spent in the broader economy and shifted to a system of ever greater executive compensation and corporate profits.
       Coupled with increasing demands for personal savings for retirement due to declining pensions (and expected reductions in government benefits) and runaway costs of higher education and student debt the hollowing out of this nations real economic engine has been underway for decades.
       And it is not just the cost of accessing health care system, there is the personal toll of fighting your way through it. Denails of claims, denials of payments, statements no one can understand, bills for services you do not recognize for costs you can't understand. All of which add to the stress and frustration in our lives when we need it least.

    •  I agree (0+ / 0-)

      Your right. I was trying to make the same point as you, only snarky.
      Obama Care ? Now insurance companies can not drop you when your sick. He should run from that ?
      Our country is on decline because what is profitable is not always good. For profit education, whatever. Some things are a human right - education & healthcare are at the top of that list for me.
      I consider our education problem in this country SYSTEMIC. I think 99.8% of teachers WANT to be great, they have the ideas to be great and the will - it is the system that is failing them. Well, that coupled with the system is political .
      I like Singapore's model MYSELF. You could think another country has a better model, I'd love to hear the country and read about it. I love that kind of stuff.
      I am making things out far simpler than they are.

      Our country is dying because of many factors - think about this. Many Americans would rather live under the Taliban than under freedom. You may deny that, but what kind of country do you think this would be under Rick Santorum ?
      Do you think anyone who is voting for him thinks any different ? Aspirin ? As birth control ? ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS ? Sorry, that guy upsets me.
      We could go on all day about why we are dying - healthcare and stupidity are just 2 reasons why - 2 big reasons.

      you can't remain neutral on a moving train

      by rmfcjr on Mon Feb 20, 2012 at 04:14:52 PM PST

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