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View Diary: Fantasy Redistricting: State of Appalachia, Part 3 - The Districts (18 comments)

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    Amazing how you can make a 29-3 map of any state without resorting to abgin-like baconstripping.

    Have you thought of who the statewide officeholders might be in Appalachia? My guess is that one Senator would be from the population center in greater Pittsburgh and the other one from the South. Santorum and Shelby perhaps?

    Could Joe Manchin be Governor here? (I assume Senate is out for any Dem.) He could certainly win the central core, but the parts of TN/GA/AL/SC and central PA are so Republican that it would be a tough path to 50%+1.

    Former SSP Minority Whip

    by Massr on Mon Feb 20, 2012 at 04:53:29 PM PST

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