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View Diary: Desperate Republicans dream of Mitch Daniels as white knight (204 comments)

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  •  is anyone a hoosier here? (0+ / 0-)

    obviously blue indiana is not represented here. oh the stories we could tell.  not our man mitch has been a disaster as governor and his replacement (mike pence) is set to be worse.  he would be up ryans __ given the chance.  he was a privitizer before it was limpuglicant kewl.
    he is the insurance guru who brought us prepaid health accounts complete with the little gotcha of anything left in the account goes to the insurance company. insurers made gazillions on that one.  he envisioned that as a replacement for health insurance.  
    he has been indiana's own little napoleon, ramming thru selling our toll road in the north and pandering to the bible belt down state so called farmers - so called because they wear overalls and drive their lincolns around fallow fields because of the farm subsidies not to grow anything.  watch for him a washington lobby firm near you.  

    recently the state election board head was found guilty of vote fraud. (voting in a different pricinct/not your actual address and now he is charging that several high level limpuglicants including daniels and senator lugar have been doing exactly he same thing.  

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