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View Diary: Mitt Romney calling in assistance from Donald Trump? Ouch. (80 comments)

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  •  My wife perfectly summarized this (9+ / 0-)

    when we had lunch together today.  We were talking about Little Ricky's latest anti-woman, anti-reality blatherings, plus the whole Heartland documents mess, and she said, "They don't know how to backpeddle".

    And I really do think it's that simple.  They won't admit their errors, as ColoTim said, and they won't back down.  In fact, their response to almost everything is to double their bet and get even more aggressive.  I think they're all from Testosteronistan, even the women.

    Of the main three Republican candidates still running, Romney is the one who comes closest to scaring me, and it's not all that close, frankly.  Obama could beat Newt without breaking a sweat, and he could beat Little Ricky if he replaced Biden on the ticket with me, and trust me, that's something no one on this site would want.

    But eventually the string pullers behind the Republicans will exert their influence, Romney will get the nomination, and he'll make a decent showing in November (lose by 3 to 5 percentage points).  The only open question is how much of a negative coattail effect he'll have down-ticket.  Mr. Charisma is not exactly going to drive right-wing voters to a frenzy of participation, and we could see some interesting results in the House and Senate.

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