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View Diary: Why Republicans are whining about "Sharia Law". (82 comments)

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  •  I've wondered about this too. (6+ / 0-)

    Most Republicans don't seem to have the self-awareness or power of reflection to be able to say, "Heh heh!  We really want to do what they're doing, so we'll distract people from it by pointing to them!"

    It does strike me more as unconscious projection.  As Jung pointed out, at the extremes people unconsciously become what they most fear.  (And we all know -- as supported by recent studies -- that Republicans are intensely fear-and-anxiety-driven.)

    I've seen a number of comments in the Teabag-infested Yahoo News comments sections that have said (with no apparent awareness of the irony):

    "Muslims want to kill everyone who isn't Muslim!  They are ordered by their religion to kill everyone else!  We won't be safe until every single Muslim is wiped off the face of the earth!"

    (This is an almost exact quote I remember from a few days ago.)

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