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View Diary: Orthodox Jews Come Out for Marriage Equality in Maryland (42 comments)

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    Several of my closest friends are part of, or closely connected, to some of the orthodox Jewish communities in Baltimore, especially near Towson to the NW.

    It's good to see that my home state of Maryland is one of the leading states on this issue. I think this is probably going to pass the state senate and be signed into law very soon (just a few weeks).

    FWIW, I'd prefer to do this a different way. I think the state should get out of "marriage" entirely. Let the state do civil unions for everybody, and let religious organizations do marriages for those that meet their separate requirements. But nobody understands and/or supports this position. And I do understand why gay people just want equality without a lot of quibbling about words. I can deal with that.  I support the current legislation in my state.

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