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View Diary: Quantico Search Reveals NO Guckert USMC Records (268 comments)

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  •  so true (4.00)
    and much more important since it involves a govermental security issue.

    Like I said up above, this man needs to be totally unraveled and gotten flushed down the drain so no one has to go back and refind facts and get his little a** in a cell somewhere!

    As a veteran, I personally take issue with one one  playing like he was been a Marine or anything like that let alone a journalist and getting close to the to speek.

    There are a lot of isssues here that need to be steralized if y ou ask me.

    Thanks for doing the job.  YOu at EPM are doing a valued job.

    •  Thanks for (none)
      your comment.

      I'm not in the EPM group.  I was interested however in the early threads on Talon and Gannon, and I still keep up reading some of the new clarifications.

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