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View Diary: Quantico Search Reveals NO Guckert USMC Records (268 comments)

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  •  I should clarify (none)
    that you can't exactly buy these things "on the base". The city of Quantico is right smack in the middle of base itself and there are not only Marines but also townspeople who travel in and out on a regular basis. The town has shops that cater to the military. Now, one who is not a Marine should not be able to buy some of the insignia, but anyone can walk in and buy fatigues or those printed t-shirts, etc.
    •  i know for a fact that a retired or any other (none)
      marine or any person, can walk into the uniform shop in town and order the dress uniform including the sword if given the amt of money they want to spend.

      A marine friend of mine was wanting to put his uniform together for a formal affair and did so by doing just that.

      One can go into the Base Exchange and put together a uniform of deire.  I personaly had to do such a thing.  It is an easy thing to do.  It should be who has the right documents to do it!!??..needed a ID to do it.

      •  Right (none)
        One should have to have the proper documentation to buy certain military items but I'm sure it's not always the case. I've seen online businesses that require documentation to purchase ribbons, medals, and certain insignia. I've also seen bogus stores online selling fake ribbons and other stuff that would definitely look authentic to someone who doesn't know military. I haven't seen any pictures of Jeff/Jim in a uniform. So it's more than likely that he just bought some t-shirt somewhere or had a Marine buy it for him. Add high and tight with white walls and voila!, he looks like a Marine for his "customers".
        •  exactly (none)
          andn one can go to any army-navy store anywhere and put together a somewhat credible uniform.

          When one gets out of the service with all the stuff they have and then want to give it away.  Where do you think this stuff ends up.

          Used to be if someone wanted to do this as well, they could go to any reunion of said service and do it.

          There are too many ways to do it and I am angry that this is done so much of the time.

          •  It ends up everywhere I imagine (none)
            My sis-in-law's service uniforms are still in my attic. It never occurred to me that I could play dressup for $200 an hour, $1200 a weekend. :-D

            There was supposed to be a crackdown post-9/11 of the sale/resale of military and police uniforms but I imagine one could still walk in a Goodwill in BFE, USA and find stuff that everyday citizens aren't supposed to have.
            •  I know how you feel (none)
              I feel the  same way!  however, unfortunately that is now how it goes down.

              What can I say to that rant!!!  I agree with you!!!

              I just want to tellyou something tho, when someone is very angry with the military of which one has served then one does some very odd things to get right of the the uniform they wore.  Just pay attention, please.

              I certainly agree with you!  Just not what is gonna happen or for that matter what has happened in the past.

      •  'Guaranteed to satisfy' (none)
        That's the slogan at

        Check out the new products, kids!  The LARGE medal for global war on terrorism goes for $6.  

        Just toodle over to eBay for Marines dress uniforms.  Those red stripes on the pants really make the outfit!

        And wouldn't you know it?  There's even a place called Out In Style.  Not only do they have surplus military underwear, but they've got a "Pop Up Companion" for only $99.95.  

        That's two -- TWO -- shelters complete with folding toilet, biodegradable powdered bag, antiseptic hand wipes and toilet paper for less than one hour with Jim Guckert!  What a deal!

        "Injustice wears ever the same harsh face wherever it shows itself." - Ralph Ellison

        by KateCrashes on Thu Apr 14, 2005 at 07:17:56 PM PDT

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