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View Diary: Quantico Search Reveals NO Guckert USMC Records (268 comments)

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  •  thanks for the verification and (none)
    notification.  I pray your son is in safe and Gods' hands.

    We all ahve to stick together!  no matter what.

    This man gives the Marine Coprs and us a bad taste in  our mouths.

    The restructuring of the services have not done much good in my opinion.  I think that they should have left things as was.

    It is hard to make such a great change in thins like the Services and do much good.

    I can certainly get on a very deifinate rant with dishonoring veterans and current military ppl.

    I can honestly say, we do have to stick together on this one.  It is about the Corps, for Gods' sake.  He has done a great deal of damage in integerity if you ask me.

    Let me know how your son is, BTW.  I am saying my prayers for him.

    •  oh BTW (none)
      it is of my opinion that no one should have to study for advancement in rate as in the infantry or the likes, especially in a time of war, for heavens sake.

      This is what they makek one from written material!

      I call it on the job training!!!!!!

      •  Follow up. (none)
        My son won't re-enlist but he does intend to do his best while he's serving his country.  He just returned from his Iraqi tour (near Fallujah) and is now cramming to get his E-4 rating.
        Here's a short snippit from his online blog:
        I've ordered five MCI courses to add credits for college and get promoted.
        I'll probably do every MCI I can, especially in the math field.
        It'll be better later on for me when I do college in 2 yrs.
        To get Corporal I need 320 more points to my cutting score.
        As of this moment I have the highest score in my shop
        Every month I'm in i get 7 pts. If I do seven MCI's I can add 100 pts to my score.
        My goal is to be a Corporal at the latest by Jan of 2007.
        Will take time, but that's ok so long as I get that rank.

        I'm really proud of him, he's a great kid and always tries to do the right thing.

        "The penalty good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves." - Plato

        •  I am with y ou, Mom (none)
          I do certainly understand.  God bless you and yours for having to deal with this and making the best of it that you can.

          Just always know once you are in our hearts it is hard to get out of ourhearts.

          We active and past military are the FAMILY and we do stick together when the times get hard to deal with.

          If ever you need anything just let me know.  I will do my level best to get it done for you.

          Lots of hugs!!!!!!!!!

    •  What if he just assumed (none)
      the same information as one of his tricks?

      Just like the recommendation?

      Fix the Problems, Don't create new ones

      by BarnBabe on Thu Apr 14, 2005 at 09:21:14 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

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