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View Diary: Quantico Search Reveals NO Guckert USMC Records (268 comments)

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  •  thanks for the acknowledgment (none)
    We do have to stick together on things to get the job done.

    The radical right has done a very good job at dividing us in lots of issues.  This is  one they will not get away with, if I have any say in it.

    It is hard to keep up with things the way the military does.  different branches have their own ways of doing things, but some things are standard with all.

    •  I take it that youare with the army side of this (none)
      issue, right?

      I have not heard much about the Herd lately,...173rd...what are they active in?  

      Is the 82nd in Iraq? and if so where.

      •  82nd... (none)
        I think that it was in Iraq.

        But I also remember hearing something about it being in Afghanistan. That was on NPR sometime last spring.

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