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    I dunno if there's been a Kos diary about Bohemian Grove, but it's been in the news lately for this reason: Paul Bonacci, a boy who won a $1 million judgment against "his abusers" (although the court wasn't concerned with the identities of his abusers) claimed in this part of John DeCamp's "The Franklin Cover-Up" that Hunter S. Thompson was the filmmaker in a snuff film. If you do click on that link, beware that it's incredibly graphic in its description of the activities. The coincidence theory crowd likes to put these three things together: Gannon's "outing," HST's suicide, and the arrest of Rusty Nelson, a photographer involved in the Franklin Cover-Up who claims HST tried to solicit him to do snuff films with him. Also around that same time, Paul Bishop was arrested, a man Noreen Gosch says tried to help her find her son (the son Gannon is rumored to be; highly speculative, all of it). That's pretty much why these things are being discussed widely right about now.

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    by Irony on Thu Apr 14, 2005 at 01:02:03 PM PDT

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