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View Diary: Luntz Jokes About Killing Obama; Bemoans Bitter Partisan Divide; Nearby Dogs Bark Mysteriously (107 comments)

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    Luntz hasn't changed his tactics one bit. He just has newer material. He has practiced serial defamation of character against Democrats for years. Its getting old but it must be responded to even if you think it is stupid or obscene.

    Ridicule is what passes for political dialogue for these folks because they really have nothing to say about the economy or jobs. Religion is a crutch and a useful tool against Democrats. Bushies weren't sincere about religion and they were outed by Christians who used to work in the White House. David Kuo said so.

    So our smart guys like Bill Maher need to be quoted right back at these guys. Sometimes I don't have the stomach for the stupidity of this game but sadly it works.

    Sometimes the best retort to this sort of juvenile banter is just say,"So, where's Santorum's plan for jobs?"
    "What does he do when he isn't devising ways to invade your sex life?".
    Reagan's trickle down economics was full of material.
    "Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining like your trickle
    down economics plan".

    You notice they talk much about Bush. Then you need to be talking a lot about Bush. It will shut them up.

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