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View Diary: Thank you for calling out Franklin Graham, Morning Joe and Hardball!! (Updated) (120 comments)

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  •  he's not his father's son (1+ / 0-)
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    Anton Bursch

    I followed the old man’s writings and speeches, and like others have stated here listened to him on radio or early TV w/ my parents.  I had no interest in his evangelism, but generally found him magnanimous and generally non threatening.  BUT this son of his is a vicious piece of work very similar to the other christian loudmouths.

    I too am appreciative of journalists when they expose the hypocrisy of the christian nutcases.  The FAILURE lies at the feet of the christian himself who is afraid to speak out and speak out loudly against the buchanan’s, dobson, osteen, haggard, falwell – (the list is impossibly long.)  They – those who call themselves ‘faithful’ christians – have allowed these nutcases to define their Jesus.

    How long will they allow the situation to remain?  Why are they not clamoring for rebuttal spots on the major news networks?  My guess is they’re cowards.  Have they no better explanation for Jesus than all these bible thumpers?  Apparently not!  

    This is the reason I am now a recovering christian.  

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