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View Diary: Stalkers, Ding Dongs, and the War On Women (58 comments)

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    with an unexpected, expert blending of genres.  It was so easy to read, and yet so hard.  Your analogy worked so well, it almost pissed me off that I didn't see it coming.  How dare you?! ;)

    Somewhere within the stalker is the deep, pathological need to be master, and every master needs at least one slave.  The stalker may be quite mad, but he is not entirely stupid.  He believes that he can bring his victim to submission, if only he can destroy her will to resist.  Lacking the means to accomplish this more directly and immediately, he launches a long-term campaign to incrementally crush all the parts of her which serve to support her will.  Her will broken, she is his.

    You're quite right to conclude that this is the fate conservative ideologues intend for of women (among others).  The point is to bring them into submission.  And by so doing, to own them.  They fear a world and a society that doesn't work that way, because they are not prepared to understand it.  They've shown no reluctance to buy or steal anything they can't otherwise control.  Ownership is their last refuge, and their own fears have driven them to it.

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