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View Diary: In '12, 70% of Companies Have Posted "Better-Than-Expected Results" As Wages Continue to Decline (12 comments)

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    THere's a fundamental difference between a sprained ankle and a broken ankle.

    This economy is a fine example of a broken ankle. The structure of the economy at the base  - where wages equal living costs - has been destroyed.

    Too many living wage job markets have been downsized, outsourced, turned into low-wage, temporary work, subjected to 'economies of scale', the 'discipline of capital', privatized' and wiped out by automation, including forms of work that should never be automated.  

    The failure of this administration to come to grips with this 30 year long process, means it continually applies the medicine for a sprained ankle - when it is, in fact, broken - and then wonder why the patient isn't bouncing back.  

    Indeed, many of their economic ideas are only making things worse for the victims of this fraud-ridden crisis.  

    Wages aren't lagging behind the economy. Whatever 'growth' is being created, is being carved out of living wages, jobs and our future to benefit the people who can buy politicians. In short both parties are robbing us of our future, while they tell different kinds of lies to their respective constituencies.  Meanwhile they both work for the same precious few.

    And that's a 'bipartisan' critique.

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