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View Diary: Polls now show Walker losing recall (103 comments)

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    "What is Wisconsin's medium-term political future if Feingold had decided to run?"

    Say we had successfully pressganged him into becoming Governor Feingold, what if he didn't want to run in 2014?  Who could replace him then?  Whose name could measure up to the size of his political shadow whenever he chose to retire from that job?

    He's a political hero to many to be sure, but this way we'll get a fresher face as Governor and understand that Feingold is not in fact unique.

    A Feingold candidacy would probably present the lowest risk, but we haven't gotten this far without taking some: risks last year with the Fab 14 and subsequent Senate recalls, risks last fall in deciding to go for the Walker recall in the middle of winter and across big holidays, personal risks in collecting signatures when it became apparent that violence was being used against some of our number.

    We've taken those risks, and now it looks like Walker's going to be a quarter-term Governor because we did, with or without Feingold's candidacy.

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