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  •  Just do it!! (12+ / 0-)

    I wrote this on 2/2/12:  
    I quit buying their stuff once I realized who owned them.  Last week my husband and I were at the grocery store and I told him to get paper towels.  He came back with Brawny and I told him "not that one" and he asked me why.  I told him I am boycotting that brand and he just looked at me.  He said "like they are going to know you aren't buying their stuff" and I said to him "I'll know that I put money in those bastards pockets and I don't want to give them my money".  He smiled, walked over and got  Viva towels and said "are these ok?".  

    I don't think I loved him more than at that moment.  He has no idea who the hell the Koch Brothers are but was like "ok--screw them".

    Update:  We went shopping last week and I told my husband that we needed paper plates and tp.  He told ME to go to the aisle so we get the "right" stuff!!  Love that man!!

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