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View Diary: Mitt Romney may have beaten Rick Santorum—but it came at a price (140 comments)

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  •  You're Worried About "MEAN"??? Really??? (3+ / 0-)
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    bigrivergal, adrianrf, Amber6541

    You're worried that Romney is Mean??? Santorum is Mean???  Gingrich?  Paul???  What!  Are you kidding me??
    Of course they are mean.  They all espouse Eugenics & pants wetting, knee-knocking fear and loathing of Women!  Pathetic small-di@ked men- all!

    They fall all over themselves to prove how much meaner one vs the other is! Red meat to their Tea Party/GOP evangelical-sociopath-gun-toting-closeted self-loathing homosexual selves.


    The REAL problem is that thanks to the Treasonous Citizens-United decision, Super Pacs pouring Billions into GOP coffers from unnamed and foreign sources AND the state by state Nullification of federal laws and civil rights, one of these GOP Thugs is going the be the beneficiary of another STOLEN ELECTION a la 2000 and 2004.  


    Voter laws that disenfranchise millions.  Diebold electronic voting machines with no paper trail &  Republican election "officials" that can't even count their OWN primary votes(!) much less insure a fair and impartial election.

    And you're worried about mean.  Brother, you ain't seen nothing yet.  

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