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View Diary: Attack on Servers' Wages in Florida Sparks Backlash (93 comments)

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  •  The more they make... (14+ / 0-)

    The more they're taxed.  So, it's not as if the outliers (and there are bartenders, and waitstaff in very upscale restaurants that DO make very good money) aren't paying "into the system."

    Actual long-term waitstaff, correct me if I'm wrong on what's below:

    It used to be, I think, that tips were "under the table," which I think helped, because that income wasn't (always) taxed. Now, it's mandated that tips are reported, and if customers add the tip to the credit card bill, they ARE reported.

    But... tipping on credit cards can be iffy. The delivery guys for a deli chain in Manhattan (Guy & Gallard)  didn't GET the tip (this was early 2004 or so so maybe they're not such scumbunnies anymore). So, we tried to tip cash where we could, so that at least they'd get it.

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