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View Diary: Attack on Servers' Wages in Florida Sparks Backlash (93 comments)

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  •  Agreed. I also take into account (14+ / 0-)

    things beyond the server's control.  Like, if a place has assigned one server to a lounge with fifty people in it because they didn't expect the crowd, and she also has to cover tables in the restaurant?  

    As long as she's polite, I'm damn sure gonna tip her well regardless of how "bad" the service is.  She's working her tail off, nobody else is gonna tip well because she's so over-stretched, and it's not her fault the establishment mis-planned.

    And, like you say, I know diners and such have faster turnaround, but it's not like cheap food makes less work for the servers.  If anything, it's more work, at higher speed.

    All that said, I rarely eat out.  Unless someone offers to treat me, I do maybe once or twice a year, tops.  Not an efficient use of money.

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