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    as an 'extremist' most people think they are moderate, even if there not. Just like middle class it's in the eye of the beholder. I have a friend who has a family of three kids and a husband, they live on an income of 25,000 a year. She thinks she's middle class and get irate if you tell her different.

     My sister in law is flat out conservative and thinks she is a moderate and liberal Democrat. She's not, she's is a libertarian who thinks prisoners should work for corporations with no pay and thinks taxes are what's causing all our problems.      

    One of the reasons I don't call myself progressive very much is that I think a lot of people started using this term because 'liberal' had become a dirty word. so now I think of myself as a Liberal progressive.

    The political breakdowns we use seem to be shattered and mainly empty meme's for the pols to justify their mendacity. They seem to only measure people's varying reactions to the misinformation they get.      

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