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View Diary: Obama zeroes in on myopic GOP energy plans and touts his own, but not one word about climate change (221 comments)

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    You correctly highlight that it does indeed still tout fossil fuels.

    Yes, the President wants to 'add renewables to the mix', and not just rely on fossil fuels from the last century.

    But then, all of the petroleum institute propaganda commercials also talks about adding renewables to a mix that still includes mostly fossil fuels.

    The President is a smart, careful speaker.  If he didn't specifically put anything in about weaning ourselves off of fossil fuels, it was intentional.  Remember that he has repeatedly talked about 'clean coal' even as far back as his time in the Senate.

    He may, sadly, be realistic, given the vast amounts of taxpayer money that's already been funneled to the fossil fuel industry, and is used to buy even more Congressional votes.  But I'd still like to hope that as the Republican party froths itself into irrelevance with anti-contraception lunacy, that we might actually break the oil and gas industry stranglehold on Congress.

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    •  was there not initially (0+ / 0-)

      an urgent sincere response by people wanting to make new solutions NOW to the disaster of Horizon in the Gulf ?

      lots of ideas. (a couple of "whale-sized" gamers, too.)

      everybody who could pitched an idea.

      wanting, for the most part, to help.

      they may be currently highly discouraged by the outcome, or depressed by the newly-burning rig by nigeria -- but experiencing urgency again -- with, say, 24-7 videos of evaporating atmosphere -- will see them (maybe even fishgrease, who has a message waiting) put on thinking-caps that are wired to their hearts.

      the opportunity to break the oil and gas industry choke-hold exists just below the surface. the blooming will be able to occur ONLY if we can improve what we have in place right now (compare the predecessor's communication style wrt an informed public).

      it IS a do-or-die moment.
      and we CAN do it -- we've been WAITING to do it -- but here the rotten tissue of the past must be removed first.

      and that takes major time and patience. this is a SURGICALLY do or die moment. there are lots of interconnected parts. expertise and qualified teams are required. we do not want the sorrow of a relatively simple procedure to result in death, -- of a dream, of an opportunity, or a person.

      sure! i'd love to show you my three little scars. but i'd rather introduce you to Senator Murtha (who had an imperfect record, like all of us).
      at the outset of dissent, express clearly the issues.
      and "discuss," as the little finger-button suggests.
      we can't use robert's rules of order, but we can use care.

      Addington's perpwalk is the trailhead of accountability for this wound to our national psyche.

      by greenbird on Thu Feb 23, 2012 at 05:48:49 PM PST

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